Gemini Man And Pisces Woman

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

Gemini man and Pisces woman have different requirements in love which may attract both initially. Gemini man is intelligent but lack emotions while Pisces woman is more emotional and has enough intelligence too. This can create problems in their relationship but usually Pisces woman shows understanding nature to save this relationship.

Gemini man: Gemini man likes to travel and meet new people. He wants his life to be adventure. He makes many friends while socializing. He likes to analyze people and sometimes he can even tell how a person is going to react. He makes relationship for fun. He will stay with a person until he fully understands him. Once he has leant enough about that person he feels bore with him and moves on for next person. Gemini man can stay in relationship if his partner can keep him excited. He will show his romantic side that person is willing to understand him.

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces woman: Pisces woman is very sensitive person. She always has calm personality and anger is not her virtue. She likes to spread peace and friendship. She is also adaptive person who can adjust with any circumstances and any person. She always co-operates with other to avoid any disputes. She can’t see anyone suffering from pain thus she runs to help them. She is gentle person with artistic talents. She is spiritual person and good listener. She can become loyal partner and devote her life for her lover. She wants a partner who can remove her insecurity and provide lot of love. 

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces woman always keep her calm and never tries to do anything that will irritate Gemini man. If she wishes to do something against his will then she will find a proper time to do it, especially when he is not around her. Gemini man likes her obedient and kind nature. They both show respect to each other. Both of them hate being manhandled thus there is enough space between them. Gemini man and Pisces woman never show jealously or possessiveness.

Gemini man can become angry sometimes but his anger melts down very quickly. Gemini man knows how to use sweet talk to get his work done and this ability impresses the Pisces woman. Gemini man generally lacks the emotional side but with such a caring and supportive Pisces woman he automatically starts showing his emotions to her. Gemini man likes to be heard and praised by people while Pisces woman is very good listener. This combination can keep them both happy in long time relationship.

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman When Gemini man and Pisces woman starts showing their care; they both start understanding how valuable their lover is. Gemini man and Pisces woman feel lucky to have such a partner. Gemini man finds a partner who truly understands him and his imaginations. As Gemini himself is moody person he likes to observe the creative world of Pisces woman. Gemini man can take Pisces woman out with him and show her real world. With this experience she can become more mature and creative person.

Differences between Gemini man and Pisces woman can surface at latter phase of their relationship. Gemini man doesn’t just want a person who listens to him; he wants her to engage in conversation. Pisces woman won’t talk a word but become cold at him this irritates Gemini man even more. His critical comments can also hurt sensitive Pisces woman. Most of the times, Pisces woman will be ready to sacrifice herself in order to keep her relationship alive. If she thinks her lover deserves more and this relationship has any future then she will continue to make adjustment with Gemini man. Gemini man will have to understand her efforts otherwise she will just move away from him.

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